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The Intermountain Health Care/University of Utah Affiliated Hospitals Sleep Medicine Fellowship Program is dedicated to providing the highest quality clinical and research training in the subspecialty of sleep medicine. 

It is a one-year program accredited by the Graduate Medical Education Committee of the University of Utah and by the Residency Review Committee of the ACGME. 

What is Sleep Medicine?

Sleep medicine is a discipline of medical practice in which sleep disorders are assessed, monitored, treated, and prevented by using a combination of techniques including:

  • Clinical evaluation,
  • physiologic testing,
  • imaging,
  • intervention,
  • and medication. 


Specialists in sleep medicine are expected to participate in the interdisciplinary care of patients of all ages. Care incorporates aspects of psychiatry, neurology, internal medicine, epidemiology, surgery, pediatrics, and basic science.

Fellows and specialists are also expected to acquire detailed knowledge of the sleep and respiratory control centers, physiology, and neurobiology underlying sleep and wakefulness.

Specialists also diagnose and manage sleep disorder patients in outpatient and inpatient settings.