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Sleep Medicine Grand Rounds occur on a weekly basis during the academic year and are co-jointly hosted by the University of Utah Sleep Medicine Program and the Intermountain Sleep Medicine Program. The goals of Grand Rounds are to provide an insightful discussion of clinical problems encountered in sleep medicine and review the latest literature on the pathophysiology and translational biology pertaining to sleep disorders. Sleep Medicine Grand Rounds are hosted on Wednesday afternoons between 4-5 pm, and are held at the University of Utah campus from September through January, and at the Intermountain facility between February and May. CME credit is available for grand rounds and is provided through the University of Utah and Intermountain CME committees. This event can be attended by sleep medicine physicians, behavioral sleep medicine psychologists, advanced practice clinicians who practice sleep medicine and sleep researchers. Streaming for Sleep Medicine Grand Rounds is available through an online portal that is sent via email. Please contact David Walkenhorst at if you would like to be adding to this mailing list.