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New Faculty Highlight: Rajiv Iyer, MD

Dr. Iyer is a pediatric neurosurgeon with a focus in pediatric spinal disorders and spasticity. Dr. Iyer completed a pediatric neurosurgery fellowship with the University of Utah from 2019 to 2020, and then a second fellowship in advanced pediatric spinal deformity at Columbia University Medical Center, before returning here as an Assistant Professor. 

Dr. Iyer’s interest in neurosurgery was sparked by his time studying neuroscience and coming to understand the underpinnings of normal central nervous system function as an undergraduate at NYU. In medical school, he was further drawn to 

Dr. Rajiv Iyer

neurosurgery because of the uniquely challenging surgeries involving the nervous system, as well as the surgical skills of his neurosurgical mentors, and the innovation- and research-driven nature of the field. During residency, he became motivated by the universal goal in pediatric neurosurgery of healing and improving children’s lives. To Dr. Iyer, a career in neurosurgery represents life-long learning and striving to improve the field for future generations. He finds treating children with neurological disorders incredibly rewarding and is constantly inspired by his patients. Dr. Iyer loves the opportunity he has to listen to his patients and to craft individualized (sometimes very unique) surgical solutions to meet their needs. As the father to a little one now, Dr. Iyer feels incredible joy helping other parents to care for their children.

Dr. Iyer initially came to the U knowing that we have one of the best pediatric neurosurgery fellowships in North America. What became immediately palpable was how special this department and the division of pediatric neurosurgery were. He felt he could not pass up the opportunity to be part of such an outstanding group and contribute positively to the care of children with brain and spine disorders here in the Intermountain West. He loves the many opportunities to deliver the highest quality care to his patients by listening, learning, and innovating. As a member of national and international research consortiums studying complex spinal disorders in children, Dr. Iyer enjoys sharing and hearing ideas for improving care.