Course #7610

Clinical Ophthalmology for Non-Specialists


Senior medical students or junior medical students doing their senior rotation.


These two-week elective students will spend each working day with an ophthalmologist giving an in-depth exposure to diagnosis and treatment of common eye problems. This rotation will be with a COMMUNITY ophthalmologist and will not be at the Moran Eye Center.

For a list of participating physicians, please contact:
Chandler Thompson, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 801-581-3023


Testing to be proctored by a representative from the Ophthalmology Academic Office.

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Evaluations have been computerized and will be coordinated by the Ophthalmology Academic Office
  2. Evaluations will be completed by faculty on rotation with the medical student
  3. Evaluations are signed by Jeff Pettey, MD, program director.
  4. Originals are sent to Student Affairs; copies are kept on file in the ophthalmology academic office

Minimum of two weeks, maximum of two students