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Studying Effectiveness in Patient-centered Care

The DECIDE Center collaborates with Strategically Focused Research Networks and other research hospitals across the United States to understand the comparative effectiveness of patient-facing decision aids vs. encounter decision aids, and to parse which type works best for different patients—particularly the most vulnerable of patients. The output from this Center will guide future research in supporting SDM so that the field can improve the design of tools for widespread implementation into clinical practice.

Over two projects, the Center will review existing decision aid tools for Atrial Fibrillation and identify key features that should be modified into a new tool for patients and clinicians, and test these decision aids to identify which, if any, are beneficial for patients and their clinicians. 

Funded by American Heart Association & Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute

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Angela Fagerlin, PhD


Elissa M. Ozanne, PhD
Victor M. Montori, MD



Can Shared Decision Making Improve Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation? Implications of the Updated Guidelines

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Shared Decision Making; Decision Aid; Educational Tools; Adult; Anticoagulants; Atrial Fibrillation; Decision Making; Decision Support Tool; Patient Engagement; Stroke Prevention