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Rural Clerkship Rotations


At the University of Utah School of Medicine, 3rd and 4th year medical students can participate in clinical clerkships. Clerkships offer students an opportunity to learn about and explore different specialties in medicine and include the students as members of the health care team. RUUTE helps to facilitate clerkships in rural and underserved areas throughout Utah. Rural and underserved clerkships are available in the following departments (see below).

Please contact Heather Forsgren ( for additional details. For additional information regarding rural clerkships, check out our student testimonial page.


Preceptor of the Month

Did you have an amazing experience working with your preceptor during your rotation? Is there a provider that you know who goes above and beyond for our students? If so, nominate them for the RUUTE Preceptor of the Month! Please fill out the nomination form by clicking this link

To find more ways to donate towards rural medical student scholarships, please visit the University of Utah School of Medicine Alumni Association website.

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