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Triple Board Residency Program

Welcome to the University of Utah Triple Board Residency Program! Our program, one of the original Triple Board programs in the country, has trained 45 residents as pediatricians and psychiatrists since 1986. Program graduates are well equipped to practice across pediatrics, adult psychiatry, and child/adolescent psychiatry, and past residents have become local and national experts in mental health integration, child abuse, infant mental health, legal partnerships, and underserved care.

Based in Salt Lake City, our program is affiliated with the University of Utah Departments of Pediatrics and Psychiatry, where we serve patients from a vast catchment area spanning Utah and the Intermountain West, including Idaho, Nevada, Montana and Wyoming—the largest referral area of any U.S. children’s hospital. This broad geographic region facilitates high-quality training in both pediatrics and psychiatry in terms of diversity in patient population, patient volume, acuity, and breadth of exposure to common and rare conditions in all fields. Residents spend clinical time in pediatrics at Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital, a 289-bed tertiary care center with exposure to all major pediatric subspecialties, as well as in outpatient University of Utah pediatrics clinics. Training in adult, child and adolescent psychiatry is centered at the free-standing Huntsman Mental Health Institute (HMHI—formerly University Neuropsychiatric Institute or UNI), which also operates outpatient and day treatment services for children and adults throughout the greater Salt Lake region.

Our state is also changing rapidly for the better as we welcome immigrants and refugees from all over the world (in addition to plenty of transplants from other states). One in five children in Salt Lake County speaks a language other than English at home, and minority populations have all increased in our state in the last 10 years, some by as much as nearly 50 percent. This shift in our local demographics makes living and training in Salt Lake City an enriching, rewarding experience as residents at the forefront of caring for the newest (and often most vulnerable) members of our local community.

Our Stance on Racism in Medicine

Standing with the University of Utah Pediatrics residency program, the Triple Board program is committed to dismantling racism and discrimination in medical care, medical training, and society at large. We recognize that racism is not merely enacted by police, judges, legislators, or "bad apple" individuals; rather, it is systemic, perpetuated by structures and policies that hold up the walls of our hospitals and clinics. Collective silence, apathy, and ignorance bolsters systems of oppression, and breaking that silence is the first step on the journey to ending white supremacy and achieving social and health justice. This path starts with personal reflection and necessitates effective advocacy at every level, every day. As physicians, acknowledging the existence of racism is not enough. To be effective advocates for justice, we must actively resist prejudiced, racist, and white supremacist thinking and actions within ourselves, our team members, our institutions, and our communities.

Life in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is a beautiful, dynamic place to live and work, with all the amenities of urban life nestled among the majestic Wasatch Mountains. SLC is one of the most affordable large western US cities and offers high-quality entertainment, restaurants, and nightlife. Our primary clinical sites sit within minutes of each other, with mountains and trail systems that lead from the hospital’s back doors. World-class outdoor attractions are endless in Utah, from the six national parks within a six hour drive, to the multiple ski resorts within 40 minutes of Salt Lake City that offer year-round activities. Most residents spend their days off exploring the incredible natural beauty of our state!

A Look Inside Our Program