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MRI Service and Recharge Center

MRI Scanners

Scientists and researchers can schedule time on the MRI scanners below at a rate of $500 per hour. Note that there is a cancelation fee for 24 hours or less notification. Please see our 2022 Rate Letter for more details.


The Utah Center for Advanced Imaging Research (UCAIR) in the Imaging and Neurosciences Center (INC) provides a wide range of assets for those needing access to high-end imaging technology or for those wishing to develop novel imaging techniques and technology to meet their specific needs. Pre-clinical and clinical imaging projects can be accommodated.

UCAIR incorporates a magnetic resonance imaging coil research laboratory with the ability to design, construct, and develop novel MR gradient and receive coils for specific MR imaging needs (namely to image specific anatomical features or physiological processes). Please contact Dr. Rock Hadley, 801-581-7027, for further information.

UCAIR faculty are open to collaborative projects involving MRI, PET, XCT, SPECT, high-intensity ultrasound and image-guided therapy. Learn more about our projects and the range of expertise available


Need to schedule research time on an MRI at the University of Utah? Email us:


Imaging and Neurosciences (INC) Building
729 Arapeen Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84108-1217

MRI Research Manager, Denise Case
Phone: (801) 587-9874