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Seed Grants from the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences


The Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences Seed Grant Program provides research support for faculty working in medical imaging. Awards are designed to support new research directions for faculty, to expand existing research programs and to provide support for successful proposal resubmissions.

Eligibility Requirements

  • A Radiology and Imaging Sciences faculty member must be PI or co-PI of the proposal.
  • Proposals are due April 10, August 10 and December 10 (if these dates are on a weekend or holiday, due dates roll to the next business day). When there is remaining budget for a funding cycle, we will solicit limited-scope applications for off-cycle consideration. 
  • Award type 1 (Preliminary Data Seed Grants): Funding limit $30,000 (exceptional requests will be considered by the committee).
  • Award type 2 (Critical Needs Grants – for PI’s with outstanding NIH grant applications who need additional support to achieve a successful resubmission): Funding limit $15,000 (exceptional requests will be considered by the committee).

Award Conditions

  • Awards will be available for one year (estimated start date May 1, September 1 or January 1).
  • A final report is due within 90 days after the end of the award period. 
  • Recipients will be required to present to the Radiology and Imaging Sciences Seed Grant Committee and in a Department Seminar.
  • Recipients will be required to provide copies of any publications, extramural applications, funding results and summary statements to the Seed Grant Committee.

How to Apply

Submit proposals electronically to the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences:

Award Type 1 (new and expanded research directions): Use the application on the link below.

Award Type 2 (holdover funding for resubmission): Provide committee with:

  1. submitted non-funded grant proposal, 
  2. summary statement, 
  3. outline of the major weaknesses identified by reviews
  4. specific action plan on how to address the weaknesses for resubmission, and 
  5. itemized budget. 

The PI will present the proposal to the committee as part of evaluation.

Application >

Award Recipients - 2023

Hediyeh Baradaran, MD - Principal Investigator

MRI-assessed carotid atherosclerosis and vascular cognitive impairment and dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, subclinical brain ischemia, and brain imaging

Hediyeh Baradaran

Ganesh Adluru, PhD - Principal Investigator

Co-PIs: Josef Stehlik, MD (Cardiology), Ed DiBella, PhD (Radiology), Brent Wilson, MD (Cardiology)

Improved cardiac T1 and extracellular volume mapping MRI for accurate amyloidosis detection

Ed DiBella, PhD - Principal Investigator

Co-PI: Monique Cho, MD (Internal Medicine)

Gadolinium-free MRI for characterizing myocardial fibrosis in chronic kidney disease

Ed DiBella - closeup

Sixiang Shi, PhD - Principal Investigator

Bispecific Antibody Fragment Heterodimer for Targeted Radiotherapy of Immune-Evading Metastatic Ovarian Cancer

Sixiang Shi

Xiaodong Ma, PhD - Principal Investigator

Co-PI: Chun Yuan, PhD (Radiology)

Standardized sequences and imaging analysis software for 3D carotid vessel wall MRI: Optimization and validation across vendors for multicenter use

Xiaodong Ma

Maryam Soltanolkotabi, MD and Frederic Noo, PhD - Principal Investigators

Quantitative CT imaging of bone marrow edema in rheumatoid arthritis patients

Maryam Soltanolkotabi at RSNA 2022
Fred Noo - Feb 2023


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