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Our Research Facilities

We perform our research at several sites in our health care system:



The Utah Center for Advanced Imaging Research (UCAIR) at the Imaging and Neurosciences Center

The majority of our Principal Investigators are housed at UCAIR, and in addition to office space for their research groups, this facility includes an animal preparation lab, three 3T scanners, a pre-clinical C-arm suite, and a custom coil manufacturing lab.


Donna Cross

Neuroimaging and Biotechnology Laboratory at the Biopolymer Research Building



Micro PET-CT at the Sorenson Molecular Biotechnology Building



Molecular Imaging and Radiopharmaceuticals at the Huntsman Cancer Institute

Our molecular imaging program includes an in-house cyclotron and radiochemistry group, PET-CT, Micro PET-CT, and SPECT-CT scanners.



University of Utah Hospital, Clinical Neurosciences Center (CNC), University Orthopaedic Hospital, VA Hospital

We conduct research on several of our high-end clinical CT and MR scanners throughout our system, and our clinical and translational research of course involves patients and technologies in our clinical areas. What's more, our interventional radiology teams conduct clinical care and research in the CNC, HCI, and University of Utah Hospital.