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What Is UCAIR?


The Utah Center for Advanced Imaging Research houses an incredible amount of expertise in MRI, math, and physics and offers many resources to researchers at the University of Utah. While UCAIR's collaborative research extends across campus, the UCAIR facility is located in Research Park, south of the University of Utah Health campus. UCAIR faculty, staff, and student offices are located on the second floor of the Imaging and Neurosciences Center (INC) building.


Resources Available to Investigators

MRI Service/Recharge Center

Created within UCAIR, the Recharge Center manages time on all six 3 Tesla and several 1.5 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners in the Department of Radiology to provide MRI capabilities with customized MRI sequences and receiver coils that are beyond the standard of care. Our dedicated MRI equipment is unparalleled in the Intermountain Region for the handling of the most difficult and unique research projects.

The Coil Lab

UCAIR incorporates a Magnetic Resonance Imaging coil research laboratory with the ability to design, construct and develop novel MR gradient and receive coils for specific MR imaging needs (e.g., to image specific anatomical features or physiological processes).

Siemens TIM Trio 3 Tesla MRI Scanner

Most research projects are performed on "the 3T," located in the INC building in Research Park.

Siemens MAGNETOM Prisma 3T

The Prisma MRI scanner sets a new benchmark for MRI research at UCAIR, and is provided as a resource to support research throughout the University of Utah campus.  The Prisma 3T scanner has high performance gradients and digitial parallel transmit and receive capabilities.  This Prisma MRI scanner forms the central component of the comprehensive animal and human research MRI facility operated by the University of Utah MRI Service/Recharge Center here at the the University of Utah.


UCAIR Faculty and Research Groups

Some Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences research faculty are specifically located within and designated as UCAIR faculty. Most of these faculty members run research groups and projects that are highly collaborative with clinical faculty in this and other departments. See our list of UCAIR faculty or browse research labs with the Research drop-down menu above.


Graduate Student Applicants

The Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences does not have a PhD program. Instead, we provide mentorship and research projects for students in the following home departments:

To see the types of research done by particular faculty, browse research labs with the Research drop-down menu above .

Some UCAIR faculty may have projects that can involve UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS. Learn more at Undergraduate Research Opportunities.



Courses offered by UCAIR:

  • RDLGY/BIOEN/ECE 7310 Advanced Topics in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, three credit hours spring, Even Years; contact Ed DiBella for more information.
  • RDLGY/BIOEN/ECE 7320 3-D Reconstruction Techniques in Medical Imaging three credit hours Fall, Odd Years; contact Frederic Noo for more information.


RECON: REsearch CONnections

RECON provides a scientific forum for PhD–level exchange of ideas, concepts, and research of broad interest in medical imaging. The meeting is held monthly, usually at 3 pm in the INC Large Conference Room.

UCAIR Symposia

The Department holds an annual UCAIR symposium. The day-long program allows lead investigators to review the state of the art and define directions. The symposium also allows students to receive feedback on their research projects and practice oral presentations.