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Oktoberfest '22 Cardiovascular Lecture Series

Feb 10, 2023

Oktoberfest '22 Cardiovascular Lecture Series

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This annual event was envisioned as a platform to connect with colleagues and peers. The goal is to expand our collaboration on cardiovascular topics in a fun and interactive setting.

This year some of the topics of discussion were:

  • Heart Failure: How is it Different in Women?
  • Cardiogenic Shock – Multidisciplinary Team Approach
  • Leaky Valves: to Clip or to Repair/Replace
  • Aortic Disease: Caring for the Entire Aorta

The sessions took place every Wednesday in October during lunch time over Zoom. It was a great opportunity to connect and discuss topics so pertinent in our day to day practices.

The recordings of all session, including previous year’s sessions, are available on our website

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