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Emory hosts Global Perioperative Alliance Symposium

This week was a busy week in Global Surgery land, with Emory University presenting its Global Perioperative Alliance Symposium fresh on the heels of the CUGH Global Surgery Satellite Sessions. Emory held its symposium as a free two-day virtual event March 6 & 7 to highlight “the importance of partnership among professionals of all backgrounds and cultures to ensure safe surgical care globally.”

Headlined by keynote speaker Robert Rivellio MD, MPH Director of Global Surgery Programs, Brigham and Women's Hospital, the program explored other crucially important themes in Global Surgery— the domestic rural environment as an important local/global interface and the essence of interprofessional collaboration in global surgery practice. Trainees had their own dedicated panel session, and competed for best prizes awarded for abstracts and posters, with breakouts devoted to career wayfinding.

View the program of the event, here:

Overall, this was an excellent event within the landscape of events gathering and challenging the global surgery community, well done Emory! The University of Utah Center aspires to interprofessional perioperative collaboration as celebrated in this event, in the identical areas of maternal health/trauma/surgical oncology. We’re happy to have in adjacent spaces aligned colleagues who lead with like mind.