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Endocrinology Grand Rounds/Lectures

Endocrinology Lectures

Endocrine Grand Rounds

Endocrine Grand Rounds takes place on Mondays during the academic school year. The lectures take place between noon and 1pm at the Utah Diabetes and Endocrinology Center. These lectures emphasize clinical care to the largely clinical audience, but some research work is presented as well. 

Seminars in Metabolism

The Seminars in Metabolism is sponsored by the Utah Diabetes and Metabolism Center, the Department of Internal Medicine, the Department of Biochemistry and Senior Vice President’s office. The series invites leading researchers in all aspects of metabolic investigation to this weekly forum to present their work. 

Frank Tyler, MD Memorial Lecture

The Frank Tyler, MD Memorial Lecture is an annual Internal Medicine Grand Rounds lecture that honors the legacy of the founding Division Director for Endocrinology, Metabolism & Diabetes. The guest lecturer will not only speak at this event, but Endocrine Grand Rounds and the Seminars in Metabolism. 

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