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Interdisciplinary Programs in Metabolism

Diabetes, metabolic syndrome X, and Cushing’s syndrome are diseases characterized by inadequate regulation of nutrient uptake, use, and storage. Resulting imbalances in circulating glucose and lipid levels induce a wide arrange of health complications including hypertension, atherosclerosis, heart failure, susceptibility to infection, and the like. These diseases affect multiple organ systems, and efforts to fully understand their pathogenesis will ultimately require teams of investigators with expertise in a wide range of scientific disciplines.

To enhance understanding of these multifactorial disorders, the University of Utah has organized an interdisciplinary consortium of scientists performing basic and clinical research aimed at elucidating the physiological signals that control metabolic homeostasis.

With support from the University of Utah's Departments of Biochemistry and Internal Medicine, the Interdisciplinary Programs in Metabolism maintains a Metabolism Core Facility and a seminar program.

Metabolism Core Facility

The Metabolic Phenotyping Core offers several services to help investigators evaluate metabolic phenotypes in multiple model organisms. Our services are offered to the University of Utah research community and off-campus researchers.

Services include:

  • Mitochondrial bioenergetics (respirometry for tissue and isolated mitochondria seahorse XF24 for cells and isolated mitochondria),
  • Determination of whole animal energy expenditure using the columbus, instruments oxymax lab animal monitoring system,
  • Determination of body composition by NMR,
  • Determination of circulating metabolite, and
  • Hormone concentrations using the MAGPIX magnetic based system.

For more information please contact Jamie Soto.