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Rheumatology Giving

Scleroderma Research Program Gift Fund

The goal of the Scleroderma Research Program is to improve our understanding of the disease process and to find a cure for scleroderma. Your donation supports our dedicated and collaborative group of physicians, scientists, and research professionals in their efforts to achieve the program's goals.

The Society Supporting Leadership in Internal Medicine (SSLIM)

The Department of Medicine is dedicated to investing in our people and their new and innovative ideas. SSLIM plays a key role in this mission by supporting newly-recruited faculty members. SSLIM offers a loan repayment program to our junior faculty. 

This allows the department to be more competitive when it comes to recruiting and retaining our newest faculty members. Contributions made from and through this group are also unrestricted and are used in areas of greatest need for the department. SSLIM members are invited to various events throughout the year.

Department of Medicine Gift Fund

The Department of Medicine deals with the entire patient, rather than a particular organ system that covers diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease in adults. To do this, collaboration is key to everything we do. Collaboration between researchers and physicians, who, in turn collaborate with their patients to decide the best treatment options tailored to that specific individual. And, it is the power of this focused collaboration that leads to research and treatments for conditions as diverse as cancer and sleep disorders.

Your donation supports our outstanding faculty with collaborative opportunities in their research as well as assisting our educational programs with visiting lectureships. Thanks to the generosity of friends like you, funding to our faculty, educational programs, and research endeavors supports the work being done here for yourself, your family, and for your community.