August 31, 2016 CASE PRESENTATION Chaired by Mark Mifflin, MD
Brent Betts, MD

“LASIK Flap Necrosis”

Severin Pouly, MD

“A Case of Acanthameoba Keratitis”

August 24, 2016 Jennifer Hranilovich, PGY4, Pediatric Neurology (PCMC) "A Case of Headache & Dizziness: The Unbalanced Patient"
Kathleen Digre, MD Library Resources, and Moran CORE
August 17, 2016 Jeff Pettey, MD Morbidity and Mortality: Ophthalmology
August 10, 2016 Kenneth Price, MSIV, New York University “Incidence and Characterization of Retinal Detachments after Macular Hole Repair”
Jamie Odden, MSIV, University of North Dakota “Central and Peripheral Visual Field Concordance in Glaucoma.”
Eric Weldy, MSIV, University of Tennessee “Proptosis and Insidious Vision Loss in a Pediatric Patient”
Sherief Raouf, MSIV, Stony Brook University  “Peripapillary Retinal Perfusion in Papilledema: A Pilot Study Using Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography”