Date Presenter Topic
November 16, 2016

Claude F. Burgoyne, M.D., Senior Scientist and Research Director, Legacy Research Institute, Devers Eye Institute

 “Paradigm Change in OCT Phenotyping Glaucoma”

November 9, 2016

Ron Pelton, MD, PhD, AAO Chair of Ethics

“Practical Ethics (in an Impractical World)”

November 2, 2016


October 26, 2016


Laura Hanson, MD "Check Recheck"
Nikko Ronquillo, MD, PhD "Posterior Fossa Syndrome"
Anastasia Neufeld, MD "Fontal Lobe Tumor"
October 19, 2016

Rando Allikmets, PhD, William & Donna Acquavella Prof of Ophthalmic Sciences
Research Director, Edward S. Harkness Eye Institute

Clinical spectrum of Stargardt and other ABCA4 diseases”
Brent Betts, MD “Unknown Corneal Lesion”
Reese Feist, MD, PGY3 “Diplopia in a Child”
Michael Burrow, MD, PGY1 "Stem Cell Therapy for Corneal Scarring"
October 5, 2016 Rob Davies, PhD Liccensed Psychologist, Graduate Medical Education Wellness Director, University of Utah “Saving Lives: It’s Not Just About Patients”
Sept 28, 2016 CASE PRESENTATION- Chaired by Craig Chaya, MD Glaucoma
Charles Weber, MD "Glaucoma Case: Unknown"
Joah Ailancy, MD Ocular Pathology & Research Fellow “Nitric Oxide and Glaucoma”
Sept 21, 2016 Jason Nguyen, MD, Ocular Pathology & Research Fellow “Intraocular Lens Power Adjustment by Femtosecond Laser”
Joah Aliancy, MD, Ocular Pathology & Research Fellow "Preventing Posterior Capsule Opacification by Intraoperative Treatment of the Capsular Bag”

Jack Li, MSIV, Texas A&M

"Dark Side of the Iris"

Andrea Blizter, MD, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

"Primary Cilia Dynamics During Patterning and Repair of the Corneal Endothelium"

Sept 14, 2016 Daniel Agraz, MSIV, Univ of Nebraska

“Building Healthy Futures: Screening Our Youth”

Eliza Barnwell, MSIV, Univ of South Carolina

“Developing a Model for Postoperative Axial Length in Children Undergoing Cataract Surgery to Optimize Visual Outcomes.”

Brent Kramer, MSIV, Univ of Iowa

"Residual Astigmatism After a Toric IOL”

Don McCorquodale, Neuro PGY4

"Elementary Visual Hallucinations vs. Visual Aura of Migraine: Adult-Onset Occipital Lobe Epilepsy in a Patient with Undiagnosed Colpocephaly"

Sept 7, 2016 Joseph Cotto, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Pathology and Immunology, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis

“Reading Genomes and Reprogramming Disease”