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Another strength of the Utah program is the research enterprise. We have the benefit of being part of three major entities that maximize opportunities for research:  

1) The Department of Pediatrics at the University of Utah is recognized internationally for its contributions to pediatrics research and has excelled at providing research support for trainees in all subspecialties. 

2) Primary Children’s Hospital is the pediatric tertiary care center for the Intermountain Healthcare System. Intermountain healthcare has received national recognition as a model system for providing quality care at sustainable costs and maintains robust databases for clinical research and quality improvement studies. 

3) The Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) is a world-renowned cancer center, which holds Comprehensive Cancer Center designation from the National Cancer Institute and provides outstanding opportunities for research in both the basic science and clinical arenas. The HCI is credited for the discovery of several cancer predisposition genes, including FAP and, along with the University of Utah’s genetics program, is known throughout the world as the premier institution for studying cancer genetics. In addition to having a Nobel Prize winning molecular geneticist, the University of Utah is home to hundreds of researchers focused on studying the predisposition to, the prevention of and the treatment for a variety of childhood and adult cancers.  And, importantly, the HCI has a stated mission to make sure those treatments are available to all patients, including those from underserved populations.

Working at the center of these three institutions provides unique opportunities for research. One truly unique resource available for clinical research is the Utah Population Database (UPDB), a powerful tool for population-based research that provides access to information on over 11 million individuals dating back several generations to the 1700’s.  It is the only database of its kind in the United States and one of few such resources in the world and includes medical records, demographics, birth records, and death records, which are linked to an extensive set of family pedigrees. This database, along with several other powerful and well supported research cores at the University of Utah and the HCI, have made Utah a destination for cancer researchers from around the globe.

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