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The Department of Psychiatry at the University of Utah is proud to be an integral part of Huntsman Mental Health Institute (formerly University Neuropsychiatric Institute) and University of Utah Health. Every day we dedicate ourselves to academic excellence, relevant collaborative research, and compassionate behavioral and mental health care.

We are teachers, researchers, and clinicians. We train future psychiatrists, explore new ideas, map genomes, develop innovative therapies, create new drugs, study spectacular brain images, and pioneer new treatments all with the goal of advancing mental health care to give our patients healthier minds and better lives.

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HMHI Expert Spotlight: Jeremy Kendrick, MD
Sep 15, 2021

HMHI Expert Spotlight: Jeremy Kendrick, MD

Huntsman Mental Health Institute, University Neuropsychiatric Institute, , mental health

Jeremy Kendrick, MD, is a Triple Board trained psychiatrist at Huntsman Mental Health Institute. Born in Idaho, Kendrick moved to Utah in his undergraduate years, briefly left and then was drawn back. We are very excited to have him here at HMHI and excited to share with you what his day-to-day is, how he spends his time outside of work and what inspired him to become an exceptional psychiatrist. ... Read More

SafeUT: New Look and More Life-Saving Services
Aug 19, 2021

SafeUT: New Look and More Life-Saving Services

Huntsman Mental Health Institute, mental health, safeut, crisis resources

Today, the SafeUT app gets a new look with a new logo and website at The website offers expanded resources to better support students, parents, educators, National Guard, and frontline workers facing a mental health crisis or concern. The SafeUT app provides immediate, real-time, two-way communication with a licensed counselor at no cost, 24/7/365. ... Read More

Simone Biles Shows Us the Importance of Setting Boundaries to Protect our Minds and Bodies
Jul 30, 2021

Simone Biles Shows Us the Importance of Setting Boundaries to Protect our Minds and Bodies

Huntsman Mental Health Institute, hmhi, mental health, olympics, tokyo2020, athletes, athletics

When Simone Biles withdrew from the Olympics this week and chose her mental health over a potential Olympic medal, it showed that mental health issues affect everyone—no matter how successful you are. Even though most of us aren't competing at the same level as an Olympian, we all have the same duty to care for ourselves. ... Read More


Mark H. Rapaport, MD

Chair, Department of Psychiatry
CEO, Huntsman Mental Health Institute

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