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Clinic for Neuropsychology Services (CNS)

Clinic for Neuropsychology Services

The Clinic for Neuropsychology Services (CNS) serves to evaluate pediatric, adolescent, adult, and older adult (65+) patients with a variety of mental health, neurodegenerative, and/or neurological conditions who are also experiencing, or are at-risk of developing, cognitive problems.

  • Neuropsychology is a professional specialty concerned with learning and behavior in relationship to an individual’s brain. A neuropsychologist is a licensed clinical psychologist with expertise in how learning and behavior are associated with the development and functioning of brain structures and systems.
  • A neuropsychological evaluation assists in better understanding an individual’s functioning in areas such as attention, learning, memory, language, perception, coordination, executive functioning, personality, and emotional functioning. This information will help you or your child’s teacher, therapist, and/or physician provide treatment and interventions.
  • The neuropsychologist conducts the evaluation, interprets the results, and makes recommendations for the home, school, and/or work settings.
  • The neuropsychologist may also provide treatment, such as cognitive rehabilitation, behavior management, or psychotherapy. Often, the neuropsychologist will work with a physician to manage the patient’s issues. Some neuropsychologists work closely with schools to help them provide appropriate educational programs for the pediatric patient.