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Neuropsychiatry & Interventional Psychiatry Concentration

Here at the University of Utah we recognize that a comprehensive understanding of the intersection of neuroscience and mental illness is pivotal to psychiatric training. Furthermore, with increasing emphasis on objective neuroimaging data, neural networks, and psychogenomics in understanding and treating mental illness, this area is integral to the future of the field. The Neuropsychiatry & Interventional Psychiatry Concentration will allow residents the opportunity to rotate through elective sites that overlap with our neurology colleagues, allowing us to gain increased experience in related subspecialties. Those in the emphasis will have priority in the rotations, and all residents are encouraged to offer input to help shape current rotations and lectures, as well as suggest new avenues to pursue.

Current Rotations and Rotations in Development:

  • Neuroradiology
  • Movement Disorders Clinic
  • Cognitive Disorders Clinic
  • Ketamine Clinic
  • Treatment Resistant Mood Disorders