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Interprofessional Advanced Fellowship in Addiction Treatment


Interprofessional Advanced Fellowship in Addiction Treatment

The VA Interprofessional Advanced Fellowship in Addiction Treatment (IAFAT) provides two years of post-residency, post-doctoral research, education, and clinical learning opportunities to eligible physicians and associated health professionals at 7 VA Medical Centers across the Nation. Fellows spend 75 percent of their time in research and education and 25 percent in clinical care at selected VA sites. 

Mentors of national stature provide guidance to fellows in rich learning environments. Graduates are expected to be role models in leading, developing, conducting, and evaluating innovative research, education, and clinical care in health issues pertaining to Addiction Treatment. This fellowship is supported by the VA Office of Academic Affiliations (OAA). The Addiction Treatment Coordinating Center (ATCC) for the VA's Interprofessional Advanced Fellowship in Addiction Treatment is located at the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System. As the ATCC, we are the education, coordination, and dissemination resource for all 7 fellowship sites:

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    Addiction Fellowship Information

    A Interprofessional Advanced Fellowship in Addiction Treatment, is a two-year, multi-site fellowship that provides interdisciplinary research, clinical, and educational training to prepare physician, post-doctoral, and post-masters level fellows as leaders in the field of addiction treatment.


      VA Office of Academic Affiliations

      The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) educates and trains health professionals to enhance the quality of and timely access to care provided to Veterans within the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) healthcare system. To achieve this mission, "To educate for VA and the Nation", the VA has conducted health professions education and training in partnership with affiliated U.S. academic institutions for the past 75 years in accordance with the landmark 1946 Policy Memorandum No. 2.


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