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  • par·leys (noun, plural): a discussion or conference
  • A seminar series focusing on various topics around addiction
  • 2024 Series Theme: Prevention & Harm Reduction


Harm Reduction & Other Considerations for Addressing SUD Among the LGBTQ+ Community

  • Tuesday, June 18, 2024
  • 12:00 - 1:00 PM MST


Continuing Education/Continuing Medical Education Credit is available to all live attendees - free of charge!

These credits can be used by many healthcare providers in the State of Utah for licensure and/or accreditation. This includes doctors, nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, social workers, and more!


PARCKA Parleys are open to anyone and everyone

Addiction touches nearly everyone - from communities to families to individuals. All are welcome to learn more about addiction health, prevention, and treatment.


  • “Learning the various ways to support individuals with addiction [and] discovery of community resources is very helpful.”
  • “[I have learned] new ways to engage those with opioid use disorder to decrease stigmatization.”
  • "When I attend, I feel rejuvenated and inspired and that seems to positively affect my motivation at work.”




  • "Harm Reduction or Prevention - Why Not Both?" SPC Wilkins, Chad - Watch Here
  • "Culturally Responsive Peer Support in the Intermountain West: A Qualitative Exploration of One Model" Elizabeth Siantz, PhD, MSW - Watch Here
  • "Harm Reduction and Cannabis: Strategies for Safer Use" Kate Rean, MD - Watch Here
  • "Stigma & Bias - Are You Guilty? Addressing What No One Wants to Admit." Jasmin Charles, MPAS, PA-C - Watch Here


  • "The State of Medicaid in Utah & The Great Unwinding" Daryl Herrschaft - Watch Here
  • "Building Bridges in ED-Initiated Addiction Treatment" Arianna Campbell, PA-C and Sarah Windels - Watch Here
  • "The Greater Intermountain Node (GIN): Where We Were, Where We Are, and Where We Will Be" Adam J. Gordon, MD MPH FACP DFASAM - Watch Here
  • "Using Data Science to Improve Patient Outcomes" Corey J Hayes, PharmD, PhD, MPH - Watch Here
  • "Fit To Recover: Exercising Recovery" Rachel Santizo, AS (Criminal Justice), CPSS - Watch Here
  • "Recovery at the U: Collegiate Recovery" Liz Spencer - Watch Here
  • "Syringe Exchange & Beyond!" MacKenzie Bray, MPH - Watch Here
  • "Feeling Positive About Screening & Treating Hepatitis C & SUD in Minority & Majority Populations" Jessica Arbogast, NP; Terry Box, MD; Jasmin Charles, PA-C, MS; and Sequan Kolibas - Watch Here
  • "Sacred Circle Healthcare - The Circle of Care Model" Josh Anderson, MPA and David Swan, LCSW - Watch Here


  • "Clean Slate Utah" Noella Sudbury - Recording Unavailable
  • "Linking Faith, Community, and Substance Use Research" Heidi Peterson Dutson and Logan Wolf, Th.M. - Recording Unavailable
  • "Buprenorphine for the Non-Addictionologists" Adam Gordon, MD, MPH - Watch Here
  • "Understanding the Challenges of Working with Person with OUD" Marvis Doster, CARN - Watch Here
  • "The Substance Use Disorder Treatment Training Certificate (SUDTTC) Program" Jason Castillo, PhD, MSW - Watch Here
  • "Cannabis and Cannabis Derivatives in the Treatment of Chronic Pain" Don McGeary, PhD, ABPP - Watch Here
  • "Innovating to Prevent Disease in a Diagnosis & Treat World: Use of a Food Pharmacy Pilot to Address Food Insecurity & Nutrition" Amy Locke, MD, FAAFP & Ellen Maxfield, MSPH, CHES - Watch Here
  • "Opioid Overdose Education & Naloxone Training" Jennifer Plumb, MD, MPH - Recording Unavailable,
  • "The RAIN Initiative: Who We Are, Project Progress, and What's Next" Adam Gordon, MD, MPH; Kayla Fritz, MHA, LSSGB; and Kody Hafen - Watch Here
  • "Volunteers of America (VOA), Utah, Detoxification Services" Nicki A. Boodrookas, CPSS - Watch Here
  • "The AIDS Education & Training Center: Local Resource, National Reach" Peter Best, MPH, MSW(c), CHES - Watch Here


  • "Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Adaptations to Treat the SUD Population" Eric Schmidt, LCSW, MSSW, MBA - Watch Here
  • "Drug Demand Reduction Outreach" Jesse Hudson, 2LT - Watch Here
  • "How the Media is Addressing Addiction" Leslie Tillotson, Maren Jensen, and Jim Spiewak - Watch Here
  • "USARA CRAFT Family Support Program" Darlene Schultz - Recording Unavailable
  • "The Utah Medical Cannabis Program" Sarah Ponce, MS, RN - Watch Here
  • "Healthy Individuals. Healthy Community." Teri Mumm and Alexa Wrench - Watch Here
  • "Zero Refusal Receiving Centers" Nichole Cunha, LCSW, DHS; Bill Newell ONDCP-CDC; and Steve Barnes, MPH - Watch Here
  • "Complementary & Integrated Care for Substance Use Disorder" Amy de la Garza, MD - Watch Here
  • "Saving Veterans Lives" Al Palmer - Watch Here
  • "An Overview of The Addiction Recovery Program of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" Ben Erwin, PhD and Nathan Acree, MSW - Recording Unavailable
  • "Substance Use and Healing with Native American Individuals" Kristina Groves, LCSW - Recording Unavailable


  • “Opioids and the Science of Addiction: A Science-Based Approach to Classroom Opioid Education” Sheila Homburger and Kristin Fenker - Watch Here
  • "Family Perspectives in the Substance Use Disorder Crisis” Dennis Cecchini, Ciara Gregovich, and Joyce Kim - Watch Here
  • “Training Providers and Staff about Chronic Pain Management and Opioids in Long-Term Care” Linda Edelman, PhD RN - Watch Here
  • “Working with community partners on developing sustainable education about opioid use disorders and treatment options” Kris Williams, DNP APRN FNP-C and Kirsty Baron, PhD RN - Watch Here
  • “Veterans’ Experiences with Primary Care-Based Opioid Replacement Therapy” Susan Zickmund, PhD - Watch Here
  • "Opioid Induced Respiratory Failure (OIRD).  Are there early warning signs?" Robert Farney, MD, FACCP - Recording Unavailable
  • "Human Trafficking: Warning Signs, Awareness, and Addiction" January Riggin - Watch Here
  • "Buprenorphine Use in the Inpatient and Peri-operative Hospital Setting" Michael Moss, MD - Watch Here
  • "Cost-effectiveness of Extended-release Injectable Naltrexone Among Incarcerated Persons Pre-reentry" Ali Jalali, PhD - Watch Here


  • "Addiction Care at the University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Institute" Elizabeth F. Howell, MD, MS, DLFAPA, DFADAM - Recording Unavailable
  • "Siri, Rate my Counselor: Scaling Up the Evaluation of Substance Use Counseling with Speech Signal Processing and Machine Learning" Zac Imel, PhD and Jake Van Epps, PhD - Recording Unavailable
  • "Marijuana in Pregnancy: Sorting Through Hazy Evidence" Torri Metz, MD, MS - Watch Here
  • "SBIRT and the Next Sphygmomanometer in Utah: Understanding SBIRT Education at the University of Utah and Utah" Melissa Cheng, MD, MOH, MHS - Recording Unavailable
  • "Project ECHO - We may not be Amazon, but we are breaking down the walls between specialty and primary care" Paula Cook, MD and Christina Choate - Recording Unavailable
  • "Stigma is Recovery's Biggest Enemy" Tricia Bishop and Heather Bush - Watch Here
  • "Amidst Tragedy, A Frameshift: Evolving Policy Initiatives to Address Prescription Opioid Recipients" Stefan Kertesz, MD, MSc - Watch Here
  • "Let's Talk to the Experts - Advanced Treatment Options for Opioid Use" Katherine L. Carlson, MD, FASAM, Christina Zidow, LCSW, and Misty McIntyre Goodsell, LCSW - Watch Here
  • "Misfits between the Law and People with Opioid Use Disorders" Leslie Francis, JD, PhD and Teneille Brown, JD - Watch Here
  • "Marijuana and the New Utah Law" Steve Ipsen, MSN, RN - Watch Here
  • "Preventing Adolescent Vaping: What We Know and What We Don't" Jason Burrow-Sanchez, PhD and Benjamin Ratcliff, BS - Watch Here


  • "Challenges of Addiction in the Community - Myths & Realities" Bill Cosgrove, MD, Tayler Nelson, and Adam Gordon, MD, MPH - Recording Unavailable
  • "Utah Support Advocates for Recovery Awareness (USARA)" - Recording Unavailable