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PARCKA PARLEYS is a monthly, one hour, seminar series focusing on various topics around addiction, held the 3rd Tuesday of each month. CME available and all are encouraged to attend!


Innovating to Prevent Disease in a Diagnosis & Treat World: Use of a Food Pharmacy Pilot to Address Food Insecurity & Nutrition

Amy Locke, MD, FAAFP & Ellen Maxfield, MSPH, CHES - University of Utah Health

In this presentation, the challenges of addressing prevention in a fee for service world focused on diagnosis and treatment of disease will be discussed. By partnering with academic and clinical units, the University of Utah has been able to pilot a number of interventions to address health behaviors, including a food pharmacy program. The food pharmacy program is designed to help those with food insecurity access healthy food alongside nutrition coaching to prevent and treat chronic disease. This session will review the status of clinical programs addressing health behaviors, how they intersect with social determinants of health and possibilities for the future with a focus on the food pharmacy program.



  • "Clean Slate Utah" Noella Sudbury - Recording Unavailable
  • "Linking Faith, Community, and Substance Use Research" Heidi Peterson Dutson and Logan Wolf, Th.M. - Recording Unavailable
  • "Buprenorphine for the Non-Addictionologists" Adam Gordon, MD, MPH - Watch Here
  • "Understanding the Challenges of Working with Person with OUD" Marvis Doster, CARN - Watch Here
  • "The Substance Use Disorder Treatment Training Certificate (SUDTTC) Program" Jason Castillo, PhD, MSW - Watch Here
  • "Cannabis and Cannabis Derivatives in the Treatment of Chronic Pain" Don McGeary, PhD, ABPP - Watch Here


  • "Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Adaptations to Treat the SUD Population" Eric Schmidt, LCSW, MSSW, MBA - Watch Here
  • "Drug Demand Reduction Outreach" Jesse Hudson, 2LT - Watch Here
  • "How the Media is Addressing Addiction" Leslie Tillotson, Maren Jensen, and Jim Spiewak - Watch Here
  • "USARA CRAFT Family Support Program" Darlene Schultz - Recording Unavailable
  • "The Utah Medical Cannabis Program" Sarah Ponce, MS, RN - Watch Here
  • "Healthy Individuals. Healthy Community." Teri Mumm and Alexa Wrench - Watch Here
  • "Zero Refusal Receiving Centers" Nichole Cunha, LCSW, DHS; Bill Newell ONDCP-CDC; and Steve Barnes, MPH - Watch Here
  • "Complementary & Integrated Care for Substance Use Disorder" Amy de la Garza, MD - Watch Here
  • "Saving Veterans Lives" Al Palmer - Watch Here
  • "An Overview of The Addiction Recovery Program of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" Ben Erwin, PhD and Nathan Acree, MSW - Recording Unavailable
  • "Substance Use and Healing with Native American Individual" Kristina Groves, LCSW - Recording Unavailable


  • “Opioids and the Science of Addiction: A Science-Based Approach to Classroom Opioid Education” Sheila Homburger and Kristin Fenker - Watch Here
  • "Family Perspectives in the Substance Use Disorder Crisis” Dennis Cecchini, Ciara Gregovich, and Joyce Kim - Watch Here
  • “Training Providers and Staff about Chronic Pain Management and Opioids in Long-Term Care” Linda Edelman, PhD RN - Watch Here
  • “Working with community partners on developing sustainable education about opioid use disorders and treatment options” Kris Williams, DNP APRN FNP-C and Kirsty Baron, PhD RN - Watch Here
  • “Veterans’ Experiences with Primary Care-Based Opioid Replacement Therapy” Susan Zickmund, PhD - Watch Here
  • "Opioid Induced Respiratory Failure (OIRD).  Are there early warning signs?" Robert Farney, MD, FACCP - Recording Unavailable
  • "Human Trafficking: Warning Signs, Awareness, and Addiction" January Riggin - Watch Here
  • "Buprenorphine Use in the Inpatient and Peri-operative Hospital Setting" Michael Moss, MD - Watch Here
  • "Cost-effectiveness of Extended-release Injectable Naltrexone Among Incarcerated Persons Pre-reentry" Ali Jalali, PhD - Watch Here


  • "Addiction Care at the University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Institute" Elizabeth F. Howell, MD, MS, DLFAPA, DFADAM - Recording Unavailable
  • "Siri, Rate my Counselor: Scaling Up the Evaluation of Substance Use Counseling with Speech Signal Processing and Machine Learning" Zac Imel, PhD and Jake Van Epps, PhD - Recording Unavailable
  • "Marijuana in Pregnancy: Sorting Through Hazy Evidence" Torri Metz, MD, MS - Watch Here
  • "SBIRT and the Next Sphygmomanometer in Utah: Understanding SBIRT Education at the University of Utah and Utah" Melissa Cheng, MD, MOH, MHS - Recording Unavailable
  • "Project ECHO - We may not be Amazon, but we are breaking down the walls between specialty and primary care" Paula Cook, MD and Christina Choate - Recording Unavailable
  • "Stigma is Recovery's Biggest Enemy" Tricia Bishop and Heather Bush - Watch Here
  • "Amidst Tragedy, A Frameshift: Evolving Policy Initiatives to Address Prescription Opioid Recipients" Stefan Kertesz, MD, MSc - Watch Here
  • "Let's Talk to the Experts - Advanced Treatment Options for Opioid Use" Katherine L. Carlson, MD, FASAM, Christina Zidow, LCSW, and Misty McIntyre Goodsell, LCSW - Watch Here
  • "Misfits between the Law and People with Opioid Use Disorders" Leslie Francis, JD, PhD and Teneille Brown, JD - Watch Here
  • "Marijuana and the New Utah Law" Steve Ipsen, MSN, RN - Watch Here
  • "Preventing Adolescent Vaping: What We Know and What We Don't" Jason Burrow-Sanchez, PhD and Benjamin Ratcliff, BS - Watch Here


  • "Challenges of Addiction in the Community - Myths & Realities" Bill Cosgrove, MD, Tayler Nelson, and Adam Gordon, MD, MPH - Recording Unavailable
  • "Utah Support Advocates for Recovery Awareness (USARA)" - Recording Unavailable