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Madison Memorial Hospital has partnered with the University of Utah's Rural Network and has elected to take part in the Rural Addiction Implementation Network (RAIN) Initiative. This initiative aims to aid rural hospital systems implement evidence-based prevention, treatment, and recovery activities for Substance Use Disorder. Madison Memorial Hospital and its leadership look to improve the lives and health of the people of Eastern Idaho.

Madison Memorial Service Area

Madison Memorial Collaborators

Madison Memorial Prevention Activities

  • Increase and support the use of school and community-based prevention programs that are evidence-based to prevent misuse of opioids and other substances.
  • Identify and screen individuals at risk for SUD/OUD and provide or make referrals to prevention, harm reduction, early intervention, treatment, and other support services to minimize the potential for the development of SUD/OUD.

Madison Memorial Treatment Activities

  • Strengthen collaboration with law enforcement and first responders to enhance their capability of responding and/or providing emergency treatment to those with SUD/OUD.

Madison Memorial Recovery Activities

  • Expand peer workforce and programming as interventionists in various settings, including hospitals, emergency departments, law enforcement departments, jails, SUD/OUD treatment programs, and in the community.

Accomplishments with RAIN

  • Hired a BYUi Intern - Successfully hired and collaborated with a BYUi intern. They have since moved on to a full-time salary position at Madison Memorial.
  • Takeback Program - Establish take back program with help from local PD and community members.
  • Outpatient Mental Health - In an effort to address Outpatient Mental Health concerns from a community needs assessment, Madison Memorial hired an Outpatient Nurse. This individual works closely with mental health management in an offsite clinic.
  • Post Partum Social Workers - Implement and fund two community social workers to conduct substance use group sessions for postpartum women.
  • K-12 Education Program - Successfully implemented the Botvin training program into 7th grade classes for the 22-23 school year. It was not well received by teachers or students, so a workgroup will be discusses potential replacements. The top candidate, Keepin' It Real, will be implemented in the following 24-25 school year.
  • Post Partum Social Workers - Implement and fund two community social workers to conduct substance use group session for post-partum. This program has had an extreme positive impact on the post-partum women in Rexburg and has open and closed sessions to accommodate different needs.
  • Behavioral Health Crisis Intervention Instructors - Madison Memorial to certify two individuals to be instructors of non-violent crisis intervention with advanced physical skill. These individuals have been hosting monthly trainings for staff.
  • Meds to Beds Program - Implement a possible pilot system for inpatients to have medication and instructions delivered to patient bedsides from the pharmacy.
  • Risk Screening in EMR - A tracking system for patients is already in place at Madison Memorial and will be expanded to accomodate risk screening. This will greatly benefit continued care, readmissions, and preventative treatment. 
  • ER Bridge Program - Training of 3 social workers to be patient navigators for patients transitioning care (ER to primary or other resources).