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St. John's Health has partnered with the University of Utah's Rural Network and has elected to take part in the Rural Addiction Implementation Network (RAIN) Initiative. This initiative aims to aid rural hospital systems implement evidence-based prevention, treatment, and recovery activities for Substance Use Disorder. St. John's Health and it's leadership look to improve the lives and health of the people of Western Wyoming.

St. John's Service Area

St. John's Prevention Activities

  • Provide culturally and linguistically appropriate education to improve family members’, caregivers’, and the public’s understanding of evidence-based prevention, treatment, and recovery strategies for SUD/OUD, and to reduce stigma associated with the disease.

  • Increase access to naloxone within the rural service area and provide training on overdose prevention and naloxone administration to ensure that individuals likely to respond to an overdose can take the appropriate steps to reverse an overdose.

  • Implement year-round drug take-back programs.

  • Identify and screen individuals at risk for SUD/OUD and provide or make referrals to prevention, harm reduction, early intervention, treatment, and other support services to minimize the potential for the development of SUD/OUD.

St. John's Treatment Activities

  • Recruit, train, and mentor interdisciplinary teams of SUD/OUD clinical and social service providers who are trained, certified, and willing to provide medication assisted treatment (MAT), including both evidence-based behavioral therapy (e.g., cognitive behavioral therapy, community reinforcement approach, etc.) and FDA-approved pharmacotherapy (e.g., buprenorphine, naltrexone). This can include providing support for the required training of providers who are pursuing DATA 2000 waivers for the prescription of buprenorphine-containing products and intend to provide these medications to their patients.

  • Strengthen collaboration with law enforcement and first responders to enhance their capability of responding and/or providing emergency treatment to those with SUD/OUD.

Accomplishments with RAIN

  • Drug Takeback Program - St. Johns is to consolidate their takeback efforts in the outpatient pharmacy including takeback and drug disposing pouches
  • MOUD Care - Many providers received an x-waiver certification 
  • Naltrexone Formulary Request - Request naltrexone formulary from the pharmacy with evidence based literature
  • Naloxone Pamphlet - Will be used in the pain clinic and for patients receiving opiod prescriptions following surgery. This is to help education and access to naloxone in the hospital. Continued efforts are monitoring and collecting data on distrubution and effectiveness.