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St. Peter's Health has partnered with the University of Utah's Rural Network and has elected to take part in the Rural Addiction Implementation Network (RAIN) Initiative. This initiative aims to aid rural hospital systems implement evidence-based prevention, treatment, and recovery activities for Substance Use Disorder. St. Peter's Health and its leadership look to improve the lives and health of the people of Western Montana.

St Peter's Service Area

St. Peter's Collaborators

St. Peter's Treatment Activities

  • Screen and provide, or refer to, treatment patients with SUD/OUD who have infectious complications, including HIV, viral hepatitis, and endocarditis, particularly among PWID.

  • Increase the number of providers and other health and social service professionals who can identify and treat SUD/OUD by providing professional development opportunities and recruitment incentives such as, but not limited to, the NHSC.

  • Strengthen collaboration with law enforcement and first responders to enhance their capability of responding and/or providing emergency treatment to those with SUD/OUD.

St. Peter's Recovery Activities

  • Enhance discharge coordination for people leaving inpatient treatment facilities and/or the criminal justice system who require linkages to home and community-based services and social supports, including case management, housing, employment, food assistance, transportation, medical and behavioral health services, faith-based organizations, and sober/transitional living facilities.

Accomplishments with RAIN

  • Naltrexone and Sublocade Initiation - Pharmacy in hospital has formularies of Naltrexone and Sublocade 
  • Narcan/Suboxone "to go" kits for ER - St. Peter's can supply Narcan and is beneficial to have excess available
  • SUD Training - Montana Primary Care is funded to train St. Peter's hospital staff on SUD/Stigma
  • UDS Improvement Program - Current kits are poor in scope and slow in evaluation time. Looking into other options as the UDS through millennial health
  • Coordinate with County Jail - Interact with county jail to obtain information on trreatment provided and discharge guidance. Dr. Kyle Moore has toured and educated county jail on MOUD while incarcerated. 
  • Provide Improved Screening and Treatment of Hep-C in Addiction Clinic - Dr. Moore to train and start treating for Hep-C in addiction clinic. 
  • Licensed Addiction Counselor - St. Peter's to hire an LAC to be integrated in the addiction clinic. Goal is to find the right person for the job by November 1st, 2024. 
  • SUD Coordination and Discharge - Discharge from inpatient units to outpatient addiction or behaviroal health services to better coordination.