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Interview Day Information

Planning for the 2022 match is underway. We've included information from prior years for your information, it will change as plans are finalized.

We require interviews for our program, which are typically conducted from late October through early January. If you are selected to interview with our program, you will receive an invitation via ERAS. 

Physician Scientist Training Program (PSTP) applicants will participate in the categorical interview day as well as additional PSTP activities, including interviews with research and fellowship faculty.

All categorical interviews will include a short individual meeting with the Program Director. All times are in the Mountain time zone. 

Sample In-Person Interview Schedule

8:00 Breakfast with Current Residents
9:00 Program Director Welcome and Program Overview
9:30 Chief Medical Resident Presentation
10:15 Faculty Interview #1
10:45 Faculty Interview #2
11:15 Resident-Led Walking Tour
12:15 Case Conference
12:45 Lunch with Current Residents
1:30 Interview Day Conclusion

Sample Virtual Interview Schedule

9:00 Welcome and Introductions with Chief Medical Residents
9:15 Small Group Chats with Current Residents
9:45 Program Director Welcome and Program Overview
10:30 Chief Medical Resident Presentation
11:00 Small Group Chats with Current Residents
11:30 Faculty Interview #1
12:00 Faculty Interview #2
12:30 Closing Remarks and Interview Day Conclusion

Post-Interview Communication

The interview day is designed to provide you with a clear picture of our training program and includes multiple opportunities to ask questions of our residents, program leadership, and faculty. In the spirit of the fairness to all applicants, post-interview communications or second look visits will not impact an applicant’s ranking. On interview day, applicants will be provided contact information for program representatives for questions that arise after the interview. 

Thank You Notes

The University of Utah Internal Medicine Residency Program requests that applicants do not send routine thank you notes or emails. Such communications will not routinely receive a reply.

Second Look Visits

We understand at the interview season can be an expensive for applicants, in terms of both time and money. Second look visits are neither required nor encouraged. 

This policy is in alignment with the NRMP rules and Code of Conduct and the APDIM Statement on Post-Interview Communication and Second Visits (released June 2014).