Fellowship Overview

The University of Utah’s School of Medicine, Division of Geriatrics offers an ACGME-accredited fellowship program for up to three fellows. All three positions are filled through the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) process. Candidates must be eligible for board certification in family practice or internal medicine.

Training Pathways

We offer two training pathways:

  1. A one-year track focusing on skills needed for clinical practice.
  2. A two to three-year track designed to develop academic and administrative skills in addition to clinical expertise.

This track can be combined with a master’s degree program, such as medical informatics, clinical investigation, public health, or business administration.

For fellows interested in an academic career, we encourage an additional one or two years to allow us to optimize the faculty development process. We encourage the fellow to declare an interest in faculty development or research prior to starting the first year.

 Distinguishing characteristics of this program are:

  • Primacy of education and supervision over clinical service;
  • Key faculty with multiple board certifications including geriatric psychiatry;
  • A variety of clinical venues in a university, VA, and community setting;
  • Opportunities for academic activity and additional degrees;
  • And a beautiful environment.

Recent graduates of our fellowship program have gone on to positions as academic faculty and geriatric program directors, directors of veterans administration geriatric programs, leaders of clinical community geriatric groups, medical directors of extended care facilities, and major contributors in the formulation of governmental geriatric health policy.

Additional Years/Training

Advancement to additional years is predicated upon satisfactory completion of prior years. Advanced fellows have much more limitied clinical responsibilities.


Carole Baraldi, MD, Program Director

Natalie Sanders, DO, Associate Program Director

Stacie Huber, Program Manager