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Dr. Stephane Meystre Receives NCI R41 Funding

Jul 12, 2013


Stephane Meystre

Dr. Stephane Meystre, Assistant Professor at the University of Utah, Department of Biomedical Informatics, received notification of funding from the National Cancer Institute for his R41 (technology transfer, phase I) grant application titled "Automated Problem and Allergy Lists Enrichment Based on High Accuracy Information Extraction from the Electronic Health Record." The total award is approximately $300,000 over a 1-year period.

The proposed research and technology transfer will test the feasibility of a new system to automatically extract structured and coded medical problems and allergies from clinical narrative text in the electronic health record. This system will provide clinical decision-support with more complete and timely information, and eventually help healthcare providers maintain complete and timely lists of problems and allergies, providing them with an efficient overview of a patient, and also help healthcare organizations attain meaningful use requirements. This feasibility study will be focused on patients with breast or gastro-intestinal cancer treated at the Huntsman Cancer Institute and Hospital (Salt Lake City, UT).