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Biomedical Informatics Success at AMIA 2013 Annual Symposium, Washington, DC

The Department of Biomedical Informatics was well represented at AMIA this year.  Please join us in congratulating and recognizing the following for their awards, elections and participation in the AMIA 2013 Annual Symposium.


Donald A.B. Lindberg Award for Innovations in Informatics:  Stanley Huff, MD, FACMI

Distinctive Poster Award for the poster “Remote Prenatal Care for Low-Risk Pregnant Women” by BM Welch, K Kawamoto, M Varner, E Clark

Virginia K. Saba Informatics Award:  Nancy Staggers, PhD, RN, FAAN

Travel Awards:  Rashmi Mishra, Megha Kalsy, Mingyuan Zhang


Dr. Wendy Chapman was elected as an AMIA Board Director.  Her official term of office is January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2016.



Automatically Extracting Clinically Useful Sentences from UpToDate to Support Clinicians’ Information Needs.  R Mishra, G Del Fiol, H Kilicoglu, S Jonnalagadda, M Fiszman


Inefficiencies and Vulnerabilities of Telephone Based Communication Between U.S. Poison Control Centers and Emergency Departments. Clinical Toxicology, 51(5):435-43, MR Cummins, B Crouch, P Gesteland, A Wyckoff, T Allen, A Muthukutty,  Palmer, J Peelay, K Repko


Electronic End-of-Life Care Registry:  the Utah ePOLST Initiative. J Duncan, P Taillac, B Nangle, M Henry J Houston, S Talebreza, L Finch, CP Brunker, D Rajeev, HJ Smith, C North


Electronic Information Exchange Between Emergency Departments and Poison Control Centers: A Delphi study. MR Cummins, BI Crouch, P Gesteland, N Staggers, A Wyckoff, & BG Wong (2012). Clinical Toxicology, 50(6), 503-13.

Automatically Extracting Clinically Useful Sentences from UpToDate to Support Clinicians’ Information Needs.  R Mishra, G Del Fiol, H Kilicoglu, S Jonnalagadda, M Fiszman,


Understanding Adoption of a Personal Health Record in Rural Health Care Clinics: Revealing Barriers and Facilitators of Adoption Including Attributions about Potential Patient Portal Users and Self-Reported Characteristics of Early Adopting Users. JM Butler, M Carter, C Hayden, B Gibson, C Weir, L Snow, J Morales, A Smith, G Bateman, AV Gundlapalli, M Samore,


Integrating Information Objects and Annotations in the Notional DoD-VA iEHR User Experience: Results from a randomized controlled trial on efficiency and accuracy of problem assessment and intervention specification. JR Nebeker, CR Weir, JL Hellewell, M Leecaster, F Drews, R Barrus, D Bolton, G Penmetsa, AE Underwood


Support for Contextual Control in Primary Care: A Qualitative Analysis. C. Weir, FA Drews, J Butler, RJ Barrus, ML Jones, JR Nebeker

Enabling Cross-platform Clinical Decision Support through Web-based Decision Support in Commercial Electronic Health Record Systems:  Proposal and Evaluation of Initial Prototype Implementations.  M Zhang, F Velasco, R Musser, K Kawamoto


Recall of Computer-illustrated Patient Instructions:  An Evaluation of the GLYPH System.  Q Zeng, S Perri, B. Hill, D Bui, C Nakamura.


FURTHeR: An Infrastructure for Clinical, Translational, and Comparative Effectiveness Research. R Gouripeddi, JC Facelli, R Bradshaw, D Schultz, B LaSalle, P Warner, R Butcher, R Madsen, P Mo

qDIET Toward an Automated, Self-sustaining Knowledge Base to Facilitate Linking Point-of-sale Grocery Items to Nutritional Content. V Chidambaram, P Brewster, K Jordan, J Hurdle

The Proactive of Clinical Decisions Support:  Applying Standards and Technology to Deliver Knowledge-driven Interventions.  R Jenders, G Del Fiol, H Starsberg, K Kawamoto

Using Natural Language Processing on the Free Text of Clinical Documents to Screen for Evidence of Homelessness Among US Veterans. A Gundlapalli, M Carter, MN Palmer, T Ginter, A Redd, S Pickard, S Shen, B South, G Divita, SL DuVall, T Nguyen, L D’Avolio, M Samore

The Role of Medical Informatics in Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs. RS Evans, J Olson, E Stenehjem, W Redding, E Thorell, S Howe, X Wu, J Lloyd

A Proposed Clinical Decision Support Architecture for the Whole Genome Sequence.  B Welch, S Loya, K Kawamoto

Effects of Electronic Health Records Systems on the Exam-room Communication Skills of Resident Physicians. T Taft, F Sakaguchi, R Dunlea, K Barsch, J Nebeker, C Miline, L Lenert

Adding Search Engine Functionality to Infobutton Manager Platform. J Long, N Hulse, C Tao, G Del Fiol

Semi-automated Ontology Development System for Medically Unexplained Syndromes in the US Veterans Population.  S Meystre, K Doing-Harris, N Boonsirisumpun, Y Livnat, K Potter

The Importance of Interoperability and Generalist-specialist Communication to Patients.  R Dunlea, L Lenert

The Practice of Clinical Decision Support:  Applying Standards and Technology to Deliver Knowledge-Driven Interventions, RA Jenders, G Del Fiol, HR Strasberg, K Kawamoto

Combining Infobuttons and Semantic Web Rules for Identifying Patters and Delivering Highly-Personalized Education Materials, N Hulse, J Long, C Tao

Panel:  Health eDecisions:  a Public-Private Partnership to Enable Standards-Based Clinical Decision Support at Scale. K Kawamoto, T Hongsermeier, AA Boxwala, VC Lee, J Reider


Automated Mapping of NPDS Data Elements to the UMLS Metathesaurus (abstract). M Cummins, K Doing-Harris, J Passman, B Mateos

Evaluation and Comparison of Two Computerized IV Insulin-Treatment Protocols Using Patient Data from the ICU. A Wong, U Pielmeier, P Haug, AH Morris


Data Adjudication Architecture for Health Information Exchange (HIE):  a Case of Adjudicating and Storing Hemoglobin A1C Values. PR Kharkar, DK Mann, SN Thornton


Sharing Qualitative Matching Parameters among Master Patient Indices. SN Thornton, JM Westburg, GE Russ, LJ Westburg, DK Mann, DN Rasumssen


Preliminary Themes related to the Stakeholder Engagement for Automated Data Acquisition for Heart Failure.  M Kalsy, N Kelly, JH Garvin


Multi-Layered Annotation of Template Elements in VA Clinical Text. S Shen, RB Forbush, G Divita, D Finch, QT Zeng


Personalized Shared Decision Making Model Support via Summary Statistics and Patient Stories. J Proulx, BD Hill, QT Zeng


Pediatric Acute Appendicitis Treatment Devices Automatic Extraction from Diagnostic Imaging Reports in a Multi-Institutional Clinical Repository. SM Meystre R Gouripeddi, A Trivedi, S Rangel

Analyzing Data Entry Patterns with a Consumer-Facing Family Health History Tool:  An Empirical Study. J Lee, N Hulse, P Ranade Kharkar, GM Wood, P Haug, SM Huff


Health eDecisions (HeD): a Public-Private Partnership to Develop and Validate Standards to Enable Clinical Decision Support at Scale. 
K Kawamoto, T Hongsermeier, AA Boxwala; B Rhodes, AA Morton, J Parker, CJ Nanjo, VC Lee, BK Minton, D Sottara, HR Strasberg, S Claypool, JA Scherer, MD Pfeffer, DE Shields, KW Boone, P Haug, TM Kuhn, MC Vida, A Langhans, C Mangir, E Pupo, RF Lario, DS Shevlin, J Reider


Improving Discharge Instructions:  Perspectives from Providers and Patients. B Hill, Q Zeng, SI Perri, S Kapsandoy, J Kuang


Frame Engine:  A CDS Bridging Architecture. B Bray


Using Primitive Role Relationships in SNOMED to Enhance Concept Searching by Limiting Semantic Variability in FURTHeR. R Butcher, R Gouripeddi, RK Madsen, JC Facelli


Enabling Cross-Platform Clinical Decision Support through Web-Based Decision Support in Commercial Electronic Health Record Systems: Proposal and Evaluation of Initial Prototype Implementations. M Zhang


Transforming Health eDecisions Knowledge Artifacts into Vendor-Specific Knowledge Formats: a Strategy for Sharing Knowledge Artifacts at Scale. R Lario, K Kawamoto

Toward Interoperable Standards for Late Life Care Preferences.  J Clutter, L Lenert

Poster was Nominated:  On the Fly Linkage of Records Containing Protected Health Information (PHI) Within the FURTHeR Framework.  PB Warner, P Mo, D Schultz, R Gouripeddi, JC Facelli


A Research Pipeline of Information Extraction for Visualization of Narrative Clinical Reports on a Timeline.  Pre-symposium workshop VAHC 2013.  J Shi

Measuring the Impact of EHRs on Clinician’s Cognitive Processes. FH Sakaguchi, CR Weir, LA Lenert

Going FURTHeR with Three Federated Query Types. R Bradshaw, D Schultz, JC Facelli, RK Madsen, R Gouripeddi, R Butcher, B LaSalle

The JSON Data Store (JDS):  A Modern, Schema-less, CDR Based on MUMPS. K Meldrum, B Bray       

Automated Concept and Relationship Extraction for Ontology Development. KM Doing-Harris, N Boonsirisumpun, K Potter, Y Livnat, S. Meystre

Using KaOS Ontologies to Model Policy Requirements for a Statewide Master Person Index. J Duncan, K Eilbeck, C. Staes, S Narus, S Clyde

Knowledge Driven Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria Refinement within the FURTHeR Framework. RK Madsen, RL Bradshaw, D Schultz, R Butcher, R Gouripeddi, JA Mitchell, JC Facelli

Federating caTissue with FURTHeR. R Mo, RK Madsen, RL Bradshaw, D Schultz, R Butcher, B LaSalle, R Gouripeddi, JC Facelli

Creating a Secure, Easily Accessible Environment for PHI Data Exports within FURTHeR utilizing REDCap. D Schultz, B LaSalle, S He, R Gouripeddi, R Butcher, JC Facelli

Creating a Reference Standard of Acronym and Abbreviation Annotations for the ShARe/CLEF eHealth Challenge 2013. DL Mowery, BR  South, J Leng, LM Murtola, R Danielsson-Ojala, S Salantera, W Chapman

Remote Prenatal Care for Low-Risk Pregnant Women. B Welch, K Kawamoto, M Varner, E Clark

An Interactive Clinical Decision Support Tool for Heparin-induced Thrombocytopenia Management. M Zhang, DS McAllister, SA Johnson, M Wheeler, PW Proctor, BE Bray, VG Desmukh


Jeff Duncan was recognized for his 2 years of service on the Student Editorial Board of JAMIA. 

Rashmi was one of eight finalists for her paper.  Automatically Extracting Clinically Useful Sentences from UpToDate to Support Clinicians’ Information Needs.  R Mishra, G Del Fiol, H Kilicoglu, S Jonnalagadda, M Fiszman


Gang Luo was on the AMIA 2013 Scientific Program Committee

Student Design Challenge Committee – Jonathan Nebeker

Jennifer Garvin was faculty for the VA AMIA 10x10 Standards Module


S94:  Laura Heermann-Langford – Session Chair for Podium Presentations - EHRs


T01 - Architectural Principles Applied to Integrated Clinical Systems, Stan Huff, Kathryn Kuttler, Joe Hales, and Laura Heermann-Langford


T07: Practical Modeling Issues: Representing Coded and Structured Patient Data in EHR Systems, Stan Huff

T10: Introduction to Biomedical Informatics, Joe Hales

Innovations in Standards & Standards Development Panel, Stan Huff participated

WG01:  Natural Language Processing Working Group Doctoral Consortium and Workshop on Open Source NLP Systems, Stephane Meystre participated

WG05:  Medical Informatics and Decision Support in Intensive Care, Peter Haug and K Kuttler participated

S01: Towards Patient Engagement:  Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Record Systems and the HL7 Infobutton Standard Panel, Guilherme Del Fiol and Nathan Hulse participated

S27:  Training the Informatics Research Workforce, Part 1:   Program Fundamentals, J. Hurdle, R. Kukafka, W. Hersch, C. Gadd, A. McCray

PP4:  President’s Picks – Innovations in Standards and Standards Development:  What you Might have Missed in 2013, and will Need to Know Next Year.   Stan Huff participated.


Late Abstracts:  Use of RxNorm and NDF-RT to Normalize and Characterize Participant-reported Medications in a Research Repository:  Obstacles and Achievements, J Tenenbaum, C. Blach, G. Del Fiol, C Dundee, J. Frund, M. Smerek, A. Walden, R. Richesson.