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BMI faculty and students receive two of 15 distinguished paper nominations

Nov 19, 2014

Biomedical Informatics faculty and students at the University of Utah have received two nominations for distinguished paper awards at the annual symposium of the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA). Only 15 nominations were made nationally. The nominated papers are:

  • (S88) Clinical Decision Support-based Quality Measurement (CDS-QM) Framework: Prototype Implementation, Evaluation, and Future Directions
    P. Kukhareva, K. Kawamoto, D. Shields, University of Utah; D. Barfuss, A. Halley, University of Utah Healthcare; T. Tippetts, P. Warner, B. Bray, C. Staes, University of Utah
  • (S29) Information Requirements for Health Information Exchange Supported Communication between Emergency Departments and Poison Control Centers
    M. Cummins, University of Utah; B. Crouch, University of Utah/Utah Poison Control Center; G. Del Fiol, B. Mateos, A. Muthukutty, A. Wyckoff, University of Utah

AMIA is a professional scientific association which aims to lead the way in transforming health care through trusted science, education, and the practice of informatics. AMIA connects a broad community of professionals and students interested in informatics. AMIA is the bridge for knowledge and collaboration across a continuum, from basic and applied research to the consumer and public health arenas.