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Faculty Spotlighted in Core Educator Newsletter

It seems like a long time ago when Denise Beadoin asked my department’s faculty to consider becoming CBL facilitators. She was so convincing that against my better judgment I said I would do it. Once a week I entered the world of first year medical students and everything changed. I found myself immersed in a small community of very involved students that were eager to learn and their enthusiasm for education was infectious.   I looked forward to my meetings on Fridays at 3 and this propelled me into the core educator world. I became part of a community of faculty as enthusiastic as the students they teach. I tell my faculty now that becoming CBL facilitator may also influence their career trajectory and could well become the highlight of their week.    Together with , I am a domain expert for biomedical informatics and I am a co-director of Host and Defense. Health System Science is new to the Step Exam and many of us feel that understanding these concepts is key to a successful future career. We are working together across disciplines to update the curriculum and do this in many ways. We have brought in external speakers who have integrated informatics skills into their med school programs,  and we have integrated tools and developed modules for biomedical informatics education that may be adapted to a medical school environment. We are also part of a national community of informatics educators and thus draw on diverse perspectives to solve problems.