• Camp Research Lab

    The Camp Lab The Camp research group focuses on the identification of inherited genetic mutations that increase risk to cancers, specifically breast cancer and hematological malignancies.

    Nicola Camp, PhD

  • Christian Research Lab

    The long term goal of our research program is to understand how members of the Transforming growth factor ß (TGFß), Bone morphogenetic (BMP) and Wnt families function in development and disease.

    Jan L. Christian, PhD

  • Leibold Research Lab

    The Leibold Lab is interested in how eukaryotic cells sense and respond to iron and how dysregulation of iron metabolism leads to disease.

    Elizabeth A. Leibold, PhD

  • Prchal Research Lab

    The Prchal Lab focuses to elucidate the molecular basis of hematological diseases to discover their either somatic or germline underlying mutations and then determine the functions of the mutations.

    Josef T. Prchal, MD

  • Shami Research Lab

    The Shami lab focuses on the development of novel drugs for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia (AML).

    Paul J. Shami, MD

  • Winge Research Lab

    The Winge Lab is focused on cellular mitochondria, particularly the biogenesis of the mitochondrial electron transfer respiratory complexes II, III and IV within this organelle.

    Dennis R. Winge, PhD