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Optimal mentorship consists of many complementary roles. In addition to regular meetings with program leadership, our residency seeks to integrate residents into the University of Utah academic environment with several coordinated mentoring initiatives:


Faculty Scholarly Mentor

Our goal is to match interested residents with prominent faculty to serve as a traditional scholarly mentors. The scholarly mentor provides opportunities and support in research (which may include original research, review articles, or other manuscript opportunities), career guidance, fellowship application support and advocacy. This match is facilitated by individual meetings with the program director, faculty advisor, and peer mentors from the field of interest.

See some examples of resident-faculty mentor pairs here. 

Peer Fellowship Coach

Each intern is paired with an advanced trainee in their field of interest in the winter of PGY1 year. These peers use their recent experience and institutional knowledge to provide advice to connect residents with the most committed faculty mentors and provide fellowship match advice.


Peer Buddies

In addition to the peer mentor, every intern will be paired with an upper level resident to help make the transition to intern year as smooth as possible. This resource mentor (“peer buddy”) can assist with questions such as "Where should I take my parents to dinner?" to "What is the best way to prepare for my first day of ICU?" Your peer buddy is here to serve as a resource for all your questions and concerns from day one to the end of internship.