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The Center for Global Surgery is a multi-disciplinary center spanning numerous departments across the University of Utah Health campus. The Center is led as a collaborative by department chairs, and pursues its mission by the activity of engaged faculty, and is powered for resource coordination by a centralized program management office.


    Dr. Sudha Jayaraman

    Sudha Jayaraman, MD, MSc, FACS

    Director, Center for Global Surgery

    Dr. Raymond Price

    Raymond Price, MD

    Vice Chair, Global Affairs

    Dr. Catherine DeVries

    Catherine DeVries, MD, MS

    Founding Director, Center for Global Surgery

    Anna Darelli-Anderson

    Anna Darelli-Anderson, MEd, BA, C-TAGME

    Programs Manager, Center for Global Surgery

    Hafsa Zahid

    Hafsa Zahid, MPH

    Research Associate, Center for Global Surgery

    Liz Elvira

    Liz Elvira, BS

    Program Coordinator, Center for Global Surgery

    Dr. Jade Nunez

    Jade Nunez, MD, FACS

    Acute Care Surgery

    Dr. Kirstyn Brownson

    Kirstyn Brownson, MD

    Surgical Breast Oncology

    Dr. Lyen Huang

    Lyen Huang, MD, MPH, FACS, FASCRS

    Colon and Rectal Surgery

    Dr. Brad Rockwell

    Brad Rockwell, MD, FACS

    Plastic Surgery

    Dr. Elliot Asare

    Elliot Asare, MD

    Surgical Oncology

    Dr. Jeremy Myers

    Jeremy Myers, MD

    Urologic Reconstructive Surgery

    Dr. Craig Selzman

    Craig Selzman, MD

    Cardiothoracic Surgery

    Dr. Laurie Baumann

    Laurie Baumann, MD, MHS

    Pediatric Surgery

    Dr. Kate Harris

    Kate Harris, MD

    Gynecologic Oncology

    Dr. A. Jolyn Hill

    A. Jolyn Hill, MD


    Dr. Courtney Maclean

    Courtney Maclean, MD

    Obstetrics and Gynecology

    Dr. Michael Draper

    Michael L. Draper, MD

    Maternal-Fetal Medicine

    Dr. Par A. Royer

    Par A. Royer, MD

    Adolescent Medicine and Contraception



    Volta River Authority (VRAH-Akosombo)


    Ensign College of Public Health (ECOPH)


    Volta River Authority (VRAH-Akosombo)

    Mongolia National University of Medical Sciences (MNUMS)

    First Central Hospital of Mongolia (Hospital 1)

    Alliance in International Medicine (AIM)