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Greg Critchfield, M.D. ' 80 Distinguished Alumni - U of U School of Medicine

Dr. Gregory Critchfield is the past President of Myriad Genetic Laboratories, Inc., where he successfully established the company’s medical, scientific, and commercial capabilities beginning in 1998 until he retired in March 2010. During his tenure Dr. Critchfield built Myriad Genetic Laboratories into one of the world’s leading molecular diagnostics companies, launching seven novel diagnostics products across multiple technology platforms and growing annual revenues from $2.2M to $326.5M. Under his leadership Myriad established the world’s highest quality, highest throughput clinical sequencing facility.

In his previous position, Dr. Critchfield was responsible for innovation and medicine in the spin-out of Quest Diagnostics, Inc., from Corning Clinical Laboratories, serving as Quest’s Chief Medical and Science Officer.