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Joyce Johnson, MD, ‘75 Distinguished Alumni - U of U School of Medicine

Apr 17, 2015

"My parents thought I was crazy for wanting to be doctor. I was very good at shorthand and typing, and they thought I could have a good career teaching secretarial skills. It was the last thing in the world I wanted to do! I liked medicine, so people suggested I become a nurse, but that seemed to me like being in a convent; I didn't want to wear a starched uniform and white cap, so I applied to the University of Utah School of Medicine—but  never thought I'd actually get accepted.”

The only female graduate of the medical class of 1957, Dr. Joyce Johnson has had a long and distinguished career serving as Medical Director for over 7 departments and organizations including leading the Outpatient and Emergency Department at LDS Hospital from 1960-1969. She is the author and co-author of 7 publications including; "The Role of the Computer in Coronary Care" with Homer Warner, MD, in 1971. Dr. Johnson is a recipient of the Utah Medical Society Distinguished Service Award and FHP Physician of the Year.