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4th Year Alumni Association Award: Sarah Ahmad, MD - U of U School of Medicine

The Alumni Association is pleased to announce that Sarah Ahmad was selected to receive the Alumni Association's 4th Year Student Award. Sarah was honored at the 2015 Dean's Reception on Thursday, May 21 with a plaque and a $1,000 gift.

Professors had this to say about Sarah:

“Sarah shows promising potential as an aspiring neurologist. On her 3rd year rotations, Sarah embodied excellent patient are by treating her patients with respect, patience and understanding above and beyond expectations. She was noted by her evaluators to be a student possessing compassion and caring for patients of all backgrounds.”

It is exciting to work with students of Sarah’s caliber, and letters such as this are fun to write. I feel confident that Sarah embodies the academic excellence and personal achievements that is at the core of this award. Of all the students in Sarah’s graduating class, Sarah’s medical school achievements demonstrate that she possesses the ideal combination of academic excellence, community involvement, research, teaching, and personal interaction with colleagues which sets her apart from her colleagues.”