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M. Paul Southwick Prize

Dr. Stults completed undergraduate education at Brown University, medical school at the University of Rochester, internal medicine training at the University of Utah, and a pulmonary medicine fellowship at the University of Rochester and the University of Utah.  He joined the Division of General Medicine at the University of Utah in 1979, working at both University Hospital and the Salt Lake City, VA Medical Center throughout his career under division chief mentors Thomas Caine, MD and John Holbrook, MD.

His research collaboration over the years focused primarily on the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension. He was Internal Medicine Residency Program Director from 1989-1997. He is specifically proud of his work collaborating with Mike Battistone, M.D., and 12 other senior Department of Medicine faculty members to develop the Medical Interviewing/Physical Diagnosis Course in the School of Medicine which he felt was very useful. In 1998 he assumed the position of Chief, Division of General Medicine, on a temporary basis, which lasted until March 2017 because of unsuccessful searches for a replacement!  During this time, Dr. Stults recruited a series of outstanding clinician-educator-administrators to the Division including Tom Miller, M.D., Mike Strong, M.D., Bob Pendleton, M.D., Russell Vinik, M.D., Nate Wanner, M.D., Caroline Milne, M.D., Gavin West, M.D., Tim Huhtala, M.D., along with many others.  He gives a special thanks to all the medicine residents, office administrators, medical assistants, and faculty whom he has learned from and worked with the past 40 years.