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Mentor Mixer


Mentor Mixer, a collaboration between the Office of Student Affairs and the School of Medicine Alumni Relations departments connects faculty and alumni with first and second year medical students to help them learn more about different medical specialties and the challenges and rewards of each.

During the Feb 18th Mentor Mixer, students migrated between breakout rooms hosted by physicians.  Two hundred and three physicians and students spent the evening sharing experiences and learning more about the current medical student experience.  “Having so many physicians to talk to from a variety of backgrounds (even in the same breakout rooms)” and “the huge variety of physicians present! It’s so rare for us, especially this year, to meet so many different people” were just a few of the students comments appreciative of the variety and levels of experience of the physicians who volunteered their time to participate.

The Mentor Mixer, is one of many networking and engagement events supported by the School of Medicine Alumni Relations Office.  The Help Our Students Travel Program for MSIV students during residency interviews, Dinner with a Doc, a more relaxed networking event that connects an alum and their partner with a small group of students to discuss career path and work/life challenges, the Annual Winter Social and the All Class Picnic seek to build a community of support and networking. 

If you are interested in volunteering contact the alumni relations office of the School of Medicine.