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Match Day 2021

Match Day 2021 - Making the Best of a Unique Situation

Across the country, fourth-year graduates waited anxiously for the golden hour of noon, EST. Class presidents of the UUSOM graduating class wanted to make the most of a still difficult time to host a large event. With the help of the Office of Student Affairs staff and the Alumni Relations Office of the School of Medicine Match Day, 2021 was an event not soon to be forgotten.  

Of 112 University of Utah School of Medicine graduates attempting to match 105 attained a placement. A match rate of 93.8% for the class of 2021. 

  • Primary Care Specialty: 33 (31.4%)
  • Utah for a portion or all: 20 (19.0%)
  • States: 33
  • Residency Programs: 102
  • Specialties: 21

With a low of 86% in 2008. The University of Utah School of Medicine classes consistently matches in the 90th percentile. Those who were notified that they did not match with their preferred programs enter into the SOAP (Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program) to apply for residency slots that remained unfilled. 

Each student opened their Match email at precisely 10 a.m. Utah time following brief live-streamed remarks from Wayne Samuelson, MD'80 Vice Dean of Education and Eric Vanderhooft, MD'88. School of Medicine Alumni Relations President. On learning their match students were then invited to announce their match live during scheduled timeslots from the Eccles Health Sciences Education Building. After their announcement students received a congratulatory gift from the School of Medicine Alumni Relations and Student Affairs Office. While not the celebration of past years the students greatly appreciated the thought and effort put into making this milestone experience memorable.