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Introducing the Traumatic Brain Injury and Concussion Center



 Directed by Drs. Elisabeth A. Wilde and David A. Tate, the Traumatic Brain Injury and Concussion Center investigates the evaluation of and treatments for traumatic brain injury and concussion in individuals over a spectrum of post-injury intervals (acute through chronic), injury severity (concussion through severe brain injury), and age (young children through older adults). The center also studies a range of patients with different types of head injury associated with treatment in emergency, critical care/trauma, and rehabilitation departments, sport-related concussion and repetitive head impacts in athletes, injury exposure in Active Duty Service Members and Veterans, and head injury associated with intimate partner violence.

With specific expertise in the use of neuroimaging to enhance diagnosis, prognosis, and understanding of the course of recovery, investigators at the center are interested using medical imaging to advance personalized medicine and evaluate novel treatment strategies. Working in conjunction with other University of Utah faculty members and investigators globally to study the relation between fluid biomarkers, genetics, cognitive and functional outcome, mechanism of injury, epidemiology, and other aspects of injury, the Traumatic Brain Injury and Concussion Center is leading national and international efforts to advance methodological development and address barriers related to analysis of big data, analytics pipeline development, and sharing of brain injury data. 

TBICC faculty and staff include: 

Elisabeth A. Wilde, PhD (Director)
David F. Tate, PhD (Co-Director)
Emily L Dennis, PhD
Erin D. Bigler, PhD
Tricia L. Merkley, PhD
Naomi Hunsaker, PhD
Benjamin Wade, PhD
Paula Johnson, PhD
Carmen S. Velez, MA
Hannah M. Lindsey, MA
Cooper B. Hodges, BSc
Josephine A. Dimanche, AA
Elizabeth S. Hovenden, AA
Chris S. Finuf, MS
Tracy J. Abildskov