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Nonprofits Host Virtual Event to Support University of Utah Headache Clinic


The University of Utah Headache Clinic’s headache fellowship program was selected as a beneficiary for a virtual walk/run/relax event coming up June 23–July 1, which is during Migraine and Headache Awareness Month. The event is being hosted by national nonprofit Miles for Migraine and local nonprofit Danielle Byron Henry Migraine Foundation (DBHF).

As it is a virtual event, participants are encouraged to take part in some form of intentional movement or self-care practice anytime between June 23 and July 1. Examples of intentional movement include not just walking or running but also activities like biking, hiking, yoga, swimming, and tai chi. Alternately, participants can choose to do a self-care activity like coloring, baking, or meditating. Participants keep track of the total miles they move during the event window (you get 1 mile for each self-care activity too) and submit their total miles through an online form at the end of the event.

Those who register by June 15 will have a Miles for Migraine/DBHF event shirt and a finisher medal sent to them before the event kicks off on the June 23. Those who register after the June 15 will receive their packages after July 4. Everyone is encouraged to wear their event shirts and add a purple flair (purple is the color for migraine awareness), then send Miles for Migraine a selfie. Prizes will be awarded to selected individuals who post their total miles and to selected individuals who send a selfie!

All donations raised from this event will be donated to the University of Utah’s headache fellowship program to support the fellows and their research.

You can also join our team—University of Utah Health Champions—or make a donation to our team here.

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