Immunology, Inflammation, and Infectious Disease Training Grant (3ITG)

The Immunology, Inflammation and Infectious Disease (III) Training Program seeks to bring together faculty and trainees across the University of Utah Health campus to foster collaborative research in basic and translational immunology.  The main component of the III Training Program is individualized research training under the guidance of 30 faculty members in 9 basic and clinical departments across campus. The training program supports 4 pre-doctoral trainees. Pre-doctoral trainees who have completed their qualifying exam are eligible for up to 2 years of support, as selected by the Steering Committee from a large and highly competitive pool of candidates based on prior research excellence, a research proposal and letters of recommendation.  Trainees will complete relevant coursework, participate in seminars and retreats, present their research in departmental settings, write a thesis proposal, perform thesis research, publish results and defend their thesis research. In addition, the Training Program will enhance graduate education through the following activities: 1) a one-month clinical immunology rotation at ARUP, the national pathology reference laboratory affiliated with the University of Utah; 2) formal training in grant-writing, leading to submission of an extramural grant proposal; 3) support for travel to present data at scientific meetings; 4) regular lunchtime discussions of research progress with other Training Program trainees and mentors; 5) interaction with invited speakers for the Immunology, Inflammation and Infectious Disease seminar series, as well as coordinating 1-2 student-invited speakers per year; 6) annual presentation of research at the Microbiology and Immunology retreat or Immunology, Inflammation and Infectious Disease Symposium; 7) guidance in the effective utilization of Individual Development Plans (IDPs) and individualized career guidance; and 8) formal mentoring in the use of biostatistics related to immunological research.  Given the exceptional training track record of our faculty, available resources to support research and robust institutional support, the III Training Program will provide an ideal platform to train the next generation of human disease-focused immunologists.

Contact Us

Brian Evavold - Program Director
Phone: 801-585-9689

Matt Williams - Program Co-Director
Phone: 801-585-2487

Andrea Ramos Campos - Program Administrator
Phone: 801-585-1547