The Best Clinical Care. Our radiologists and staff provide outstanding patient care using the advanced diagnostic and interventional technologies in our broad clinical network. Our faculty are recognized as national and international experts in their fields. We measure our success by the quality of care we provide to our patients.  

World-Class Research. We strive to make a global impact as we advance imaging sciences research, particularly MRI, PET, CT, and ultrasound techniques. The expertise found in our acclaimed Utah Center for Advanced Imaging Research (UCAIR) ranges from mathematics and engineering to clinical trials.

Rigorous Training for Radiologists, Scientists, Technologists, and Medical Students. We are innovators in radiology education, having produced internationally acclaimed training materials. The department offers a range of educational programs for physicians, scientists, and staff. We encourage all of our trainees to be leaders in their fields. 


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Anti-Racism Here and Now
Sep 10, 2020

Anti-Racism Here and Now


As we observe the systemic racism in our country, we must understand this as a significant public health issue. Blacks and other people of color experience physical, mental, and social harm due to racism.... Read More