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Ashley Arpero Honored with Kirkland Award

Ashley Arpero Recognized with Kirkland Award


Congratulations to Ashley Arpero, Administrative Officer in the Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition, on receiving the Kirkland Award. This accolade recognizes individuals like Ashley who noticeably contribute to the division's goals and mission, consistently exceeding expectations in their designated roles. 

Named in honor of Stacey Kirkland, a former manager with a decade-long commitment to the Gastroenterology Division, the Kirkland Award is a tribute to Stacey's unwavering dedication and adherence to the University of Utah PROMISE standards in her responsibilities. This honor is given to team members who, like Stacey, showcase a similar level of commitment to these standards. Ashley Arpero's achievement reflects the level of dedication the award represents.

Congratulations, Ashley!