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Residents Learn Wilderness Medicine Basics

Residents Learn Wilderness Medicine Basics

On August 1, senior residents had an opportunity to attend a Wednesday Workshop about Wilderness Medicine. The Utah outdoors has a lot to offer, with plenty of activities to participate in just minutes away. Interest in wilderness medicine is growing and it provides a way for physicians to combine a love of the outdoors with their medical practice. 


Richard J. Ingebretsen, MD, who led the workshop, is a clinical instructor at the School of Medicine and the founder of Wilderness Medicine of Utah. Wilderness Medicine provides trainees with patient care skills to respond to a variety of medical emergencies when it’s not possible to provide care in a timely manner, and when EMS are more than a phone call away.

During the workshop, Dr. Ingebretsen provided residents with knowledge of backcountry medicine and taught the basics of how to treat common injuries and illnesses found in the wilderness.