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Providing Comprehensive Kidney Stone Care

Providing Comprehensive Kidney Stone Care

Kidney stone disease is a very common problem in the general population. It has become increasingly recognized as a manifestation of systemic illness with associations between obesity, hypertension, chronic kidney disease, and bone fractures. Therefore, it is necessary to provide comprehensive care for our kidney stone patients beyond the management each individual stone event.

The University of Utah Kidney Stone Clinic began in 2015 as a way to deliver comprehensive care to our kidney stone patients. Dr. Robert Yenchek, MD, an assistant professor in the Division of Nephrology & Hypertension, partnered with Drs. Blake Hamilton, MD and Stephen Summers, MD in the Division of Urology to form the clinic. Through this care model, patients’ acute kidney stone needs are met, as well as their long term treatment plan for stone prevention and management. Since its founding, the clinic has continued to grow.

In addition to providing comprehensive care, the clinic has also been a source of research endeavors and opportunities for trainees. This past year, the University of Utah Kidney Stone Clinic has been a study site for an Allena Pharmaceuticals sponsored phase 3 trial of a new potential drug therapy (ALLN-177) to treat enteric hyperoxaluria. A long term follow up trial through our clinic is also anticipated. A separate cohort study is also underway to subtype calcium oxalate stone formers with the hope of eventually bringing personalized medicine to kidney stone management. In addition to research efforts, the clinic has also been a means for residents and fellows to rotate through to gain additional clinical experience.

The comprehensive care approach of the Kidney Stone Clinic provides a unique service to the region. It has been a valuable resource for the kidney stone patient population.