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Vice President's Clinical & Translational Research Scholars Program and 2019 Scholars

The Department of Internal Medicine is pleased to announce that seven of its faculty members have been selected as VPCAT scholars in the Vice President’s Clinical and Translational Research Scholars Program: Lindsay Visnovsky, PhD, MS; Audrey Jones, PhD; Windy Tanner, PhD, MSPH; and Morgan Millar, PhD, MA (Epidemiology); Ami Patel, MD (Hematology); Isaac Hall, MD, (Nephrology); and Elizabeth Middleton, MD (Pulmonary)

The program was designed for junior faculty in the University of Utah Health Sciences committed to careers in clinical or translational research. VPCAT Scholars will go on to receive intensive mentorship and support to be an effective clinical or translational researcher.

Accepted scholars participate in a two-year program that consists of:

  • Formal and informal mentoring
  • Structured curriculum focused on leadership competencies, essential knowledge, and practical skills
  • Access to resources to facilitate appropriate study design, a collection of pilot data and preparation, and submission of competitive grant applications

This remarkable opportunity will provide our faculty with career foundations to conduct and advance research for the benefit of improving patient care.