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Long COVID Research at the U

Long COVID Research at the U

At University of Utah Health, our COVID-19 Clinic provides patient-focused care for individuals age 18 and older who struggle with long COVID—COVID-19 symptoms that persist long after a person has recovered from the disease. People with long COVID are also known as "long-haulers". In collaboration with researchers who study long COVID, our clinical care team uses the latest research findings to guide our treatment plans. Our clinic also supports and lends expertise to other providers within the community who are also caring for patients with prolonged symptoms of COVID-19.

The University of Utah produced this video about the Long-Hauler clinic and the important research being done at the U. This video features our incredible Internal Medicine Doctors, including Jeanette Brown, MD, PhD, Kevin Shah, MD, and Rachel Hess, MD, MS talking about how the clinic is supporting patients and advancing Long-Hauler research. 

Watch the video now!

COVID Long-Hauler Clinic & Research